React app and airtable

Can anyone guide me on using airtable as my rest API in a react app that is an admin dashboard. I need guidance on where to place the call to the API.

For example do I need to set up one config file to call the API or do I list it separately by component.

I want to add user identification with this so I am want to make sure it will be able to only show the user only the data associated with their record. Not just a list of data. This might not be possible.

Thank you

Hi @Leah_Herde!

I’m only a fledgling developer myself, and have scant experience with React, but this strikes me as more of a React architecture question than an Airtable question. There are probably many different ways you could choose to structure your React application, and many different ways you could handle your API calls within that application – no one of them is necessarily the ‘right’ way; it’s more a matter of what will work best for your particular needs. I’m not really sure where the best place to direct your questions is, but I’m not sure the Airtable forums is the right place for it.

Based on this requirement, it sounds like you may want your API call to be made from a component that is downstream of the user login, so that you can pass that user data with the API call and limit the records you are bringing back to only those that are relevant.

… but again, I have little experience :man_shrugging:t2:

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