Read and Comment Only [SOLVED]


I’d like to share data as ‘read only’ yet supply collaborators the opportunity to comment on it (within each record). This would likely be another permission level between Reader and Editor, but would provide a rich data set faster.


Bump. Here’s my use case example:

I have my user story backlog stored in an airtable table. I don’t want collaborators to see all the records, so I’ve created fields and accompanying views (and shared those views) to keep things that need to be hidden hidden.

The problem is, those collaborators that have access to the view I’ve created for them cannot see or add comments, which forces us to discuss any given record in that view in some other tool, i.e. Slack. (Yuck!)


What is the purpose of having read only permissions if commenting isn’t even available? Commenting should be included at every level. Please, add this!


Hey folks, we just launched commenter permissions today. Commenters can see and directly comment on records in a workspace or base, but cannot modify any of the records, fields, tables, or collaborative views. They can also make personal views for themselves (if they’re part of a Pro plan workspace).

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