Read Only Permission Level - No Filtering or Sorting of View

I am checking in to see if I am right with this one:

  1. When a person is assigned read only access to a base, they can see everything, but they are unable to apply any filtering or sorting of any given view.

  2. However, if a private link is provided via a url, then even without access to airtable a person can apply filtering and sorting.

Is this correct? Because if so, It seems slightly odd.

Seems that nobody has replied to this. I’ve the same experience. I believe Sorting and Grouping permissions are must for “read only” authorization.

Thanks for responding @kaan_ersoy. Hopefully others will note their experiences.

When you add a collaborator, they are acting in the real base. I think that when you share a link, they are acting in a temporal copy, so they can’t change or delete anything really.

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I am struggling with the same issue. This is not too useful that way.