Readability of Support Articles


Reading through support.airtable articles, I noticed a couple of typography tweaks that would make the articles a way easier onscreen read:

(1) Tighten the leading between characters.
(2) Lower the line height by I think 1 pt.

Right now, the leading and line height are so wide that rivers appear throughout the pages. It’s a really nice, straightforward sans serif font Airtable’s using; there’s just too much space in it.

Looking at the page as a whole, you can see that the bright white background surrounding each character causes the bellies of very spacious letters, like c’s and b’s, and the crossbars of lower case f’s and t’s to disappear. Addressing this will enhance the page’s readability, encourage people to read an article all the way through, and then take on a new article. Right now, it hurts my eyes.

If you’re using a font from adobe typekit or google fonts, you should be able to make these changes pretty easily in the CSS.