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I have several forms with different fields that I’ve embedded on a website.

I have a table called New Request, and in this table I would like certain fields from the other tables (forms) to show in the New Request table when a form has been filled out.

I’m stuck on how can I show what forms were filled out by the collaborator?

I could really use the help of anyone who may know how I can accomplish this.

Thank you for your help in advance.


Hi Maurice,

I might be missing the gist of what you are looking for but…

Have you tried using the Lookup feature or are you looking to SEE which forms were filled out?

Is a new record in New Request entered by person and that’s what you’re looking up?

Does the record in Forms link to New Request?

Is there is a field in Forms to indicate the collaborator?

If so, then you should be able to do the link with the roll-up function. For example, I have a “Contacts” table and an “Activity” table. There is a link to Contacts in the Activity table.

My roll-up function in Contacts looks like:
Table: Activity
Field: Date

Now, if I want to know the most recent value, I would say MAX({Date}).
If I wanted to know how many activities there were, I would say COUNTALL(values).

So if my Web form was adding new entries in the Activities table, then my Contacts table would update automatically.

Does this help?



Hello Andrew,

Thank you for responding.

From the REQUEST Table, I want to know when a new form is filled out.
So in my other forms (which are about 7 tables) I have a Submitted Date, and Firm Name, and Form Name along with other fields.

Is there anyway when the form is filled out, The above fields are automatically added to the REQUEST Table?

So maybe in the REQUEST table I can have fields setup like this:

Date Submitted | Form 1 | Form 2 | Form 3 etc…

and when a new form is submitted, under the Form column would be the Firm Name, and then the date the form was filled out.

So in other words I need one central location to be notified, instead of shifting through different tabs for the forms. I do have a slack notification setup, but I would like to have another place for notifications.

I tried to do links, but this only works if it is done manually.

I will try your roll-up suggestion, and see if that works, but I wanted to kind of make clear what I am trying to accomplish.



Ah…so you have seven tables in a base - separate forms on a web site where users fill them out and then they populate the tables. Now you want to have a single table that tells you a new entry was put into table X last week, table Y yesterday and table Z this morning. Is that it?

Then I can see where my original logic may not work.

What might work (I was testing this out for another purpose) is the use of a Zapier integration. You can set up a Zapier that says “When a record is added to THIS table, then create a new row in THAT table.”

So here’s what the Zap would look like:

Then the “From” definition would be:

The “TO” entry looks like:

This is saying when a new entry is put into my “Meetings” table in the “My Work Base”), then create a new row in the “Other Activities” table, pre-populating the Name field with the word “Meeting” but then populating the Date and Activity field with the values from the form.

The downside of this approach is that you need to pay for Zapier after a number of transactions. This DOES sound like something that Airtable should include on its own.

Would this work for you?


Hi Andrew,

Thank you. I have tried this. Not working for me.

Have you tested this out, and is it working for you?

I don’t mind paying for something that is going to help me out.

Every time something writes to my Form A table, it doesn’t zap my New Task table with any data.

Maybe you can test what you sent me and let me know your results.


Hi Maurice,

Yes — I tried this originally but just re-tested it based on your message here.

I have one Base with three tables: “Meetings”, “Activities” and “Feature Requests”.

I have one zap that says when a new record is added to the Meetings table, look for an entry in Activities with the same Name and if it doesn’t exist, add it using the word “Meetings” as a Type.
I added this entry.

Then waited ---- remember that Zapier takes 5 minutes to check.

And voila:

I have another Zap that works exactly the same way but uses the Feature Requests table as an entry. My entry:

Here are the results…five minutes after

Here is what Zapier shows…

Now note the time differences - it does take a few minutes for the changes to show up.

Here are my screen shot dates so you can see they were taken at the specific times.

So the logic does work, it may just take time to show up. Let me know if there’s something more I can do on my end. The only trick here is to ensure you have a field in the originating table that can be used as a unique key field name in the activities table.