Realtime updates with Ably and WebHooks

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In this post, we show how to store realtime messages straight into Airtable in the exact order they were originally published from anywhere on the globe, all thanks to Ably and Webhooks.

Using Airtable as a database to store realtime messages :file_cabinet:

Hope you like it, feedback is always welcomed :v:

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Love it! Great article! I also did this in late 2018 with PubNub and the transit system I did it for is still using it. I like the Ably choice as well.

I think there’s a vast opportunity for business processes that require real-time analytics and data, but my sense is that few companies lean on Airtable as the data store. The API is woefully underpowered to allow any granularity of real-time events and the low ceiling of approximately 50,000 rows makes Airtable a weak endpoint for data.

While we use it for certain alerting and collaborative events that require instant awareness, most of our real-time data move into ElasticSearch at the rate of ~28 million events per day.

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