Rearrange 'Multiple Select' Items

There should be a simple way to rearrange Multiple Select Items for a record.

Currently, it only seems to be possible if you have 4 or more items, as you can then click “…see more” and then rearrange them by dragging them.

But if you have less than 4 items, it doesn’t seem to be possible to drag them around.

This feature would be good, because the order the Items are listed is in the order of which they were created, which many times can be arbitrary. Sorting all records by a Multiple Select field for instance, does not rearrange all items following the first (primary one) in a logical order.

Hey there! You should definitely be able to rearrange multiple select items as long as there are more than two in a cell. Have you tried using the Shift+Space keyboard shortcut to expand a cell?

Thanks Katherine, didn’t know that I could expand an cell like that. It was possible there to rearrange the items.

Perhaps it should also be possible in the Standard (un-expanded) view.

hi Katherine, feature request --> can we also have the option to auto sort the multiple select items in all the cells?

reason --> when we reference the multiple select cell in formulas it looks a lot more organised when concatenated and thus easier for human readability.

thank you!