Recolor lines in chart block

Hi there,

I am trying to synch the coloring across different chart blocks (i.e. that the performance of a specific user is colored the same in a bar chart, in a line chart etc).

I havent found a way to decide which color a specific line has in a line chart with multiple lines (data sets). Any ideas?



You might want to take a look at my Black Mirror base in Airtable Universe; it’s something of a testing ground for Airtable Blocks hacks and tricks. (The Blocks section is actually a narrative of how some of the various displays were created.) One workaround I used was to take a dataset — in my case, a linked-record field — and copy/paste it into a single-select field, simply so I’d be able to use the single-select colors in various Blocks.

Great, the workaround worked perfect. Many thanks!!!