Record Coloring on Mobile App

A very simple feature that is already available on the desktop view is assigning a color to each record based on certain parameters. Unforuntitly the record color doesn’t show up in the mobile app for some reason. I am even ok with the fact I can’t edit the record color on the mobile app, but at least let me see what color has been assigned to each record on the mobile app. Is this not already possible? Thanks!


I agree. I am newer user and I set up a specific color code combination that visually tells me the status quickly. Not sure why the mobile app doesn’t show this as well.

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I third this! (can’t believe its ony been asked for twice). Many of my tables depend on this colouring of records feature! So cannot use them on mobile.

Seems like a really basic feature to implement (at least just to view the colors on mobile - not necessarily asking for edit abilty)

(Thanks for all the other hardwork though Airtable - but get this added asap please)

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I completely agree! I am awestruck that there are so few requests for this! The feature is powerful nd effective…if I’m back a the office on the desktop. Unfortunately 90% of my time is in the field, where the information is actually needed. P-Lease make the mobile app the same as the browser in the functionality. I love Airtable for this (currently partial) implementation!