Record Delete Confirmation


I have been working with Airtable for only a short time - with a view to building solutions for clients. One of the things that worries me is how easy it is to delete a record - simply right click and delete and it’s gone.

In my view there should at least be an Are you sure message - or the increasingly common requirement to type something like “Delete this record” into a dialog box.

It may be that a table option should be provided to allow a choice for the creator.



We’re using airtable as our entire customer project management system and one wrong deletion could screw up so many things! We need to have some sort of confirmation on the deletion of a record (or highlighted chain of records).

Maybe something like, if you’re sure you want to delete this, please type: “DELETE” and then the record/field can be deleted.


Any update on this?
We’ve been burned by this a few times (where a team member) accidentally deleted a record. If there was user role management to say only certain user roles can delete records, this would fix the problem as well. But, as it is, let’s just copy the ‘delete comment’ confirmation that you already have in place, but for records!



Agree with this. Having the option at the table level to enact a prompt that appears before deletion would be a useful safeguard.


Yes, I think any measure to prevent accidental deletion of records would be very useful.


Agreed, would be very useful when managing large amounts of important data.


Indeed anything that would make it harder to make accidents like this would be great!