Record filtered when he should not be filtered

Hello everyone,

Im facing a big issue on my airtable invoicing base, that i never had before.
Latst month my system was working just fine.
My system is that i have 2 views both are filtered, view 1 is for the missions that have no invoice linked to it, view 2 is for the missions that have a invoice linked to it.
I’m trying to link my record from view 1 to an other table (not invoice relatedat all) in the same base and when i do the record gets out of the view 1 but it should not be filtered.
The record does not meet the conditions to be filtered out of the view 1, as you can see on the screenshot the record is filtered but “facture” is empty, and status is “live” so he should not be filtered out…

I don’t get it, when i change the “facture” filter to “is not empty”, i find my record that has been filtered but the “facture” field is in fact empty…

Can someone help me with that ?

Is your fracture field actually empty, or does the formula result in a space? What is the formula for this field?


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