Record limit reached is WAY off

Hi - I am a new software engineering student and my school has turned us on to Airtable … an excellent resource for building some viable back-ends!

Question: my table only has 200 rows, plain to see. But, the Over limits tag appears at the top.
When I click it, I am taken to a dash that says my base has 1,226 / 1,200 records and I should upgrade.

What gives?
Is it counting records that maybe were once created and deleted since? I ask because I had done some batch posts/deletes earlier.

I can’t find any indication that the record count would include prior deletions…and it would be a funny way to account for data, so I don’t think that’s it.

Please help before I lose access to my (modestly-sized) trial data!


Welcome to the community, @Sean_Ormiston! :smiley: This is a user community forum, and the vast majority of us can’t help with your account issues. You’ll need to reach out to Airtable support directly about that.

Thanks for the words of welcome and for showing me the ropes, Justin.
Problem solved itself – just a matter of a few hours for web-crawlers / spiders to see my base again and update accordingly.

Hopefully this topic will expire itself to save space.

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Hi Sean!

Sorry if we don’t make this clearer! The over-limits badge sometimes takes a bit of time to update, so if your base is now within the plan limits, you should see that alert go away soon which is sounds like happened :slight_smile:

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