Record List Block: Filter results based on selected record in table?

I’d like to use Airtable as an IT helpdesk of sorts. I want to be able to open my users/asset table, select a record, and have a block that shows a record list that is filtered based on that selected record.

So, if I have a computer asset selected, it will list all of the ticket’s related to that specific asset.

Is this possible somehow?

Through a slightly roundabout system, this can be done. It wouldn’t be as dynamic as selecting any part of a given record and having the list update, but it’s probably the next best thing. Here’s the workflow:

  • You’d have a {View} field in your [Assets] table. This would be a checkbox. To view the linked ticket records for a given asset, you would check the box on a single record.
  • The checkbox would trigger an automation, which would mark the linked records from the [Ticketing] table in some way, and then (optionally) uncheck the box.
  • That mark on those ticket records would be tied to the filter for a specific view, so that only marked records will show in that view. That view would be the one you see in the Record List block.
  • Check a different box, the automation runs again and unmarks the previously marked records while marking the new ones, and the view (including the one in the Record List block) updates appropriately.

The benefit of using Airtable’s automation feature is that the script would run behind the scenes. This could also be done via a button field, with the button triggering a script in the Scripting block, but that would open the blocks sidebar while the script runs. Then again, if your blocks sidebar is already open to see the Record List block, this may not be a big deal.

The script for this would be similar to the updated script I shared in another thread, in terms of marking new records and unmarking old ones rather than updating every record in a table, though I might make some minor changes. If you’re comfortable with scripting, you could probably run with it based on that other script. If not, just holler and we’ll help where we can.

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