Record meta-data not loaded


I’m trying to write a custom app that will visualize data held in linked records in my base. The base captures interactions between systems and I want to show this as a UML Sequence diagram. I wrote a script app that generates all the UML diagram script but I want to be able to display the diagram itself when a user clicks on an interaction record.

I’ve taken the URL preview custom app as a base as I’m basically rendering in an iFrame the visualization using various javascript/css libraries.

But I can’t traverse the base to access linked records without either:
a) getting a meta-data not loaded error if I use queryResult.getRecordById(…)
b) Rendered more/fewer hooks error if useRecords(queryTable) and find my record in this result.

The code for approach (a) is using an interaction record

var activityLinks = interaction.getCellValue('Activities');
var activities =
    actLink => activityQueryResult.getRecordByIdIfExists(

This is one of the first bits of logic in the code (it works in a script block) but not in react so I think I need a better approach for the rest of the code.

Any advice gratefully received,


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