Record missing in table - Block


I’m facing error : “Record missing in table”. I work on Block and I’m creating a custom block.

I have a table (“my_table”) with data and I want to read all the fields for a specific primaryField. The specific primarityField will be transmitted in a Label Select (value). The code works, but when I delete one line from my table, I got the error : “Record missing in table”. I can add new line without error.

Do you think my error is in the declaration of record ? Did I misunderstand one principal of REACT or similar ? Bellow my code to help to solve the issue :

 const base = useBase();
//---------------------------  label Select --------------------------
//    We get all the fields from "my_table" and put in selection_value_picker 
  const table = base.getTableIfExists("my_table");
  const selection_value_picker = [];
   for (let i = 0; i < table .fields.length; i++) {
                value : table.fields[i].name, 
                label : table.fields[i].name

    const [value, setValue] = useState(selection_value_picker[0].value);
//-----------------------END label Select -----------------------------

//---------------------information selected to be rendered ------------------------------

  const doneField = table ? table .getFieldIfExists(value) : table.getFieldIfExists(;
  const records_desc = useRecords(table , {fields: [table.getFieldIfExists(value)]});

  const my_item_description = records_desc ? => {
            const my_item_desc_value = record.getCellValueAsString(doneField)
                    <div >
                            onClick={() => {
                       {my_item_desc_value || "NA"}  
        }) : null;

Then I call {my_item_description } to render the information and I use <Select and onChange() to change value with setValue(). Manipulate the Block independantly will work : I can get the render dependant on the onChange value transmitted. In my table, I can even create a new entry. But when I delete one row , I got the error ‘Record missing in table’ (at the line const records_desc = useRecords(table , {fields: [table.getFieldIfExists(value)]});

Any idea ? Thank you for your help.