Recording emails using Zapier

Hi, I’m using the CRM Sales Template, with:

  • a table “Contacts” that contains a field “Track Email” (Yes/No)
  • and a Table “Email records”, where I want to store all the Emails received by a Contact with "Track Email=Yes.

I’m using Zapier to read all mails, Select those whose email address is in the Contact table with “Track Email = Yes”.

I’m using a Search Formula running on the “Contacts” table:

{Email}="{{SENDER_EMAIL}}"&{Track email}=“Yes”

Then I want to create a new record in the “Email Records” table, but only if the email passed the previous filter:

But the result I obtain is that all the received emails are being recorded, regardless of the Search result in the previous Step. Does it mean that the two steps (Search & Creation of new record) are totally decorrelated? I would assume the workflow would stop in the Search step if there is not match with the filter. Or perhaps is there a problem with the Search formula?

thanks for your help!

(btw, If you can help me understand how to add Screenshots in the post… When trying I receive the message “Sorry, you can’t put images on a post”)