Recording Payments from Multiple Records


Hi - I’m brand new to Airtable but loving its possibilities and would love some help in figuring out how to achieve this specific need.

I run a small referral agency and have about 10 clients as well as 50+ of contractors that I pay each week. I am currently trying to create a PAYMENTS Base that will show all of the current events each week from each client, and then all of the supplied contractors per each client. I’d like to be able to view all of this information on one base so I can see who I need to send payments to each week. Currently - I am working in Google Sheets and have multiple spreadsheets per client and would love to find a way to view ALL clients in one base organized by date.

I can’t figure out the best way to make this possible. I thought that by making a separate record for each client and within that record, submitting the date/location and contractors hired for that event, then I’m unsure how to link that to the main base and how to do this for each client.

Any advice. I feel this is a bit hard to explain but if anyone has a similar base they can show as an example? or a template, that would be so helpful. I’m currently stuck and my main goal is to just find an easy way to view all of my clients in one location as opposed to keeping it in multiple spreadsheets for easier recording of payments.



@Courtney_Ortiz I tried to construct a base. Can you check it out?

There are 4 tables: