Recording revisions to comms materials


I’m a first-time user, just setting up a table for all the communications materials I produce - booklets, leaflets, etc.
I want to record changes that get made to these materials, eg. when I have to go in and amend some text on a document. This could happen several times once the material has been produced. For instance, I might create a brochure and then have to go in at certain times of the year to change the details of people mentioned, or the cost of certain items.
How can I record this in a useful way, without just having columns with date and notes? I’m assuming there is some clever way!
Thanks in advance.


One approach is to have 2 tables:

Table A (Item Master) that contains the name of all your publications
Table B (Rev Log) contains a date/time field, a rev notes field, and a linked-field to a name in Table A

When you create the linked filed in table B, a new linked field will show up in A. You can use a Rollup field to only pull out the most recent date of all the updates ever made to that Item. you can also hide the linked field from view if you like.

I have a guide on how to pull out other most recent information like the only the latest change note, but I’d suggest building the above first.

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Thank you! I think have managed to do it!

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