Records Vanished

Just lost 12,678 records. So, um, how many records can Airtable handle? I thought it was 50,000 for my pro plan. But I had 26,000 going and when I added a sixth field for price, 12,678 disappeared. Using the snapshot took me to someplace where my books are suddenly sorted by publisher when I need them kept in the order they were inputted so I can add the book id numbers my dad assigned to each book in what seems to me a random manner.

I think I need to just breathe right now and admit to myself that all the frantic proofreading I did on Airtable for a week (on 8,000+ records) is gone. I’ll have to start again. Maybe I’m venting more than I’m asking a question. Can anyone commiserate?


Can you check to make sure that you didn’t end up in a filtered view that filters out the records?

The number of records and fields look well within limits.

You can also contact support if you still cannot find the records.

Thanks, kuovonne. I honestly think I just needed someone to say “breathe.” Someone who knows how stressful data entry and management can be. I did check but there were no filters or anything. And I did reach out to support. Thankfully, I kept in a safe separate base all the formula goodies that you and a few others in the community have been helping me accumulate. :heart:

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