Recurring Date each month with change in a year

I have a formula I found in airtable for creating recurring events. This appears to mostly address when the year rolls to a new one - so that it changes automatically.

What I’d like to do is in my table have a due date of an item - called RECURRING DATE. In a new column called Due Date - I want a formula that will automatically advance the date to the next due date once current due date goes by. I then want to use that Due Date in a calendar view.

The formula I found is:


I tested this with a December 21 date and it does in fact advance the year to the new year, but not the day. So if the recurring date is 1/5/22 and we are now on 1/27/22, I want my due date column to show 2/5/22. Is there a way I can modify this formula to achieve that?

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