Recurring Tasks


For our Projects base, my team would love to be able to track recurring tasks without creating a new record with a unique due date for each occurrence.


I just discovered that the rollup field can use the MAX() and MIN() functions on Date fields. So you could have a tasks table and an instances table (or whatever) and while you wouldn’t assign a date to the task, you could assign dates to the instances and use MIN() to find the earliest or latest date. The only catch would be the need to delete the instance once it had passed so that the “earliest” associated record would always be the next uncompleted task. Let me know if that didn’t make any sense.


I looked up how Asana, Trello, and Basecamp handle recurring tasks.

The answer is - poorly.

Here’s how I’m attempting to solve this problem.

I started with a table for Projects and a table for Tasks. But recurring tasks cluttered up my table and bogged down my workflow.

So now I made a table for Programs. While Projects are short term, time based, with many unique tasks, Programs are long term with many repeating tasks.

Using Programs to organize repeating tasks makes it easier to create, duplicate, automate, and filter tasks.

Hope that helps


Im not fully understanding this method. Can you please tell me again with screenshots or step by step what the process is? I have something tasks that reoccur dailiy and monthly.


Hi @Hashim_Warren,

I’d like to second Kylie in a request for screenshots if that would be possible? It seems you found a workaround but I don’t completely understand your process and how you have it all linked together.



I have a list of repeatable “programmatic” tasks that need to be done in different timeframes-- daily, weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, quarterly… do you have a way to schedule these automatically in your programs table with something like “last completed” and “next due” fields that can get updated and repopulatred automatically?


anyone figure this out yet?


We actually figured out a workaround:

We use Zapier to push new records to our Project base every week. We only have to use one “zap” for weekly tasks, and just add multiple steps to it, including time delays for each day of the week. And we use one for monthly tasks. We pay for Zapier, but you get 5 zaps for free. We have loved it so far.


+1 for a recurring task feature. This is a feature I am really missing in Airtable. This is what keeps me from moving my task management to Airtable.


Has anyone found a not-too-complicated solution yet?


Can you share a screenshot of what your zap looks like? Thanks!


This is too cumbersome with Zapier. Any form of recurrence would be welcome.