Red/Yellow/Green Stoplighting Dashboard

I had an idea for an airtable integration that I think would be super useful. I have an airtable with multiple different tables and for each of those I have a view that pulls up the specific records that require action from myself or other team members.

I’d love to see a dashboard with various metrics that are each red/yellow/green depending on whether they need attention or not.

[Was going to attach a screenshot of a concept but discourse won’t let me]

I know that Airtable has a block for metrics which is kind of okay but doesn’t quite work the way I need it to. The other thing that would be super useful is to be able to click on the metric and be taken directly into that view.


Which block is that? My hunch says you’re talking about the Matrix block, but I’m not completely sure.

I’m going to move this to the Product Suggestions category, though obviously anyone can still chime in with suggestions on how to accomplish what you want with existing features.

My response is still waiting for approval. I must’a used some naughty words. :wink:

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haha woops yeah I’m not seeing any other response from you

It’s the Summary block - thanks

Correct, it’s embargoed still. More than 24 hours - I guess they don’t want me sharing my thoughts.

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