Reduction of All Options in a Multiple Choice Grid vs. Checkbox Grid Vs. Ranking or...?

I am not quite sure I’m using the right languaging here but basically…

I want fellow MFA film students to be able to toggle ALL selections from a dropdown list of potential crew roles identifying those crew positions that are, say, their #1 career goals (i.e.: what they came to school to focus on for their career: Director, Screenwriter, Producer, whatever) as distinct from those roles they are “Good At/Willing to Do” (to help other students out with their projects: Script Supervising, Editing, Production Sound Recordist, Boom Operate, Craft Services, Catering, etc.) vs. those crew positions they are willing to learn/try “if you’re desperate” :wink: versus those positions they don’t have the skills necessary to even pinch-hit TRY help out with (Composing, Color Correction, Wardrobe Design, Set Design, whatever).

I’m thinking it might be like the translation of a Google Multiple Choice Grid vs. Checkbox Grid Survey to Airtable OR simply a ranking grid? Or…??? Am I making this more complicated/difficult than it needs to be? Probably. ;-/ I’ve tried a few scenarios and Googled and am not nailing it.

Love some community love here, if poss.

Thank you!

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