Reference Airtable Data in Google Sheet

I would like to reference up-to-date data from an Airtable base in Google Sheets. For example, I’d like to execute a formula in Google Sheets based on live Airtable data, or populate a Google Sheets dropdown menu (via data validation) based on the data in an Airtable field (i.e. column).

I know that it’s possible to export data from Airtable, but those data are static (i.e. they won’t update when the data in Airtable changes).

  1. Is there a solution within Airtable’s existing features?
  2. There appear to be a few third-party solutions. Are there any users of those third-party solutions who can recommend one over another?

Thanks a bunch.

I recommend looking at Zapier or Integromat - Both are great solutions, and will do what you need.