Referencing / crediting an image source

When inserting an image to attachment field, is there a way to link a url reference?

I am creating a base that features mythological creatures. One field has images. I need to be able to credit an artist or website for the images used.

I considered adding a record to the table, but many of the attachment fields will have more than 1 image. Creating 3 or 4 fields to add a reference to each of the images in the record seems daunting.

I had poor luck searching for this answer as the word “reference” in my meaning (to credit the original location item was found) is different then the common airtable usages.

I hope I used correct terminology with records/fields ect. I’m not confident in speaking this subject.

I would create an entire table of just attachments. You could call this table “Images”.

Each record in this “Images” table would contain one attachment & one reference.

Then, back in your “mythological creatures” table, you could link to as many records as you want to from the “images” table by using a “linked record” field.

Set this up and it works, but the attachment has no visible thumbnail.
As you can see the attachment record with the thumbnails are much more helpful then that highlighted field next to it, which is the linked record field.

Would work in many cases. In this case, I feel the visibility of the creature is a must with the read.

Your next step is to create a lookup field in your mythological creatures table to look up the images. :slight_smile:

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P.S. works perfectly in gallery view too. Much appriciated.

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You’re welcome! Glad I could help! :slight_smile:


Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention in my very first message above that you are allowed to add more than one image into a single attachment field.

However, if you need to keep track of metadata for each image (such as a different artist’s name to accompany each image), then creating a separate table is the way to go.

I just found the web search - inside of the attachments feature. It auto adds information for referencing to the image title/name. (depending on website it calls from)
I can see what the title will be on image hover.

Thought I would update the tread for future readers.

Works perfectly for my case use and so much faster!

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