Referencing entry in the same table


Hi brain trust,

I’m building a table as a CRM and would like to include a column for “spouse/partner”. In the instance when both husband and wife are listed as contacts, is it possible to cross reference within the same table? Or what would be the best way to manage this?

Thanks in advance!


You can enter the spouse’s record URL in a field–that’d allow you to know there’s a record for that (there is a spouse) and quickly be able to view it. You wouldn’t get any reciprocity so you’d have to do the same for the other spouse (or whatever other related records). I don’t think you can have anything that resembles a link field at this point.


I’m assuming your table is called something like “Contacts.” If so, it seems like the best way to go would be to add a new “Link” field in the Contacts table called “Spouse” (that points back to the Contacts table). This way you can associate the two Contacts together.


GENIUS!! I don’t know why I didn’t even try that to begin with - that’s exactly what I was after! Thank you!


That’s what we do, and it works pretty well.


I can’t believe I never saw this was possible before. Thank you for opening my eyes!