Referencing Field IDs using the API for Code Maintainability

Hi all,

I’ve read up in this forum on how to see the Field IDs for the fields in my table. However, I’m struggling with how to to actually use the API to reference those field IDs. Using Python, I’m able to grab the record through the API and convert the data to JSON. I then assign a field in the record to a variable:

json_variable = json_data['fields']['Name']

However, after trying some different variations of this, I can’t seem to figure out how to access the field ‘Name’ just by using its field ID. Can anyone help with this?

The motivation behind this is to avoid hard-coding Field Names so we can change them in Airtable without the program breaking.

Thank you!


I got this from the Airtable support:

I’ve included an example of a POST request below (using a free app called Postman) where the field id is used instead of the field name.

However, we don’t make it easy to find out what the field ids are. You would need to go to a grid view that has the fields and toggle the developer window for your browser to view the HTML for the field headings. You will want to look for a value in the pattern of fldxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.