Refinement - how to reduce a long list based on user selection of parameters

How might I allow an end user to be presented only with the records in a base table that fit their requirements? When searching items on Amazon, newegg, and other shopping sites, on the left are a series of ‘refinements’ where you select attributes like color, size, and price, and the list shortens as you apply the refinements.
I don’t necessarily need the dynamic sort (click an attribute, list automatically shortens) that some sites have, just a form where the user selects the options they want, clicks submit, and the results appear. Can I do this with an Airtable Block or maybe Typeform?

If you make a public share link for a view in your table, people will be able to filter your records for themselves.

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Thank you for taking a shot at this.
I read the articles about sharing and views, they don’t appear to fit what I’m asking.
Apologies if you’re pointing me in the right direction, and I’m missing your point. more context- I’m working on an MVP to test a marketplace idea
It appears I’m looking for more end-user friendliness than a public database they have to figure out how to refine themselves. like “a form where the user selects the options they want, clicks submit, and the results appear.”
Something like you’d see on a hotel or flight search site- Again, it doesn’t need to be pretty or dynamically responsive like the following, just giving these examples for context
Here’s the UI for an example

Amazon- the bar on the left are ‘refinements’


This is not a native feature of Airtable.

I would recommend looking at:

  1. Stacker — specifically Stacker’s inline filters on lists
  2. This extension from
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Thanks for the suggestion Kamille. pory is pretty close to what we need, unfortunately per pory support currently it only returns records that match any filter criteria. We need records that match all filter criteria.
In other words, if we stock a red apple, green apple, red pepper, green pepper, and filter 1: color, and filter 2: fruit or vegetable. selecting fruit will return the red and green apples, but selecting fruit and red will return the red apple, green apple, and red pepper. we need it to only the item that meets both filters- the red apple. You have to use pory’s table, and I’m not knowledgeable enough to figure out if there’s a way to add the logic needed to pory’s table

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