REGEX_MATCH formula works on one table and not the other


I’m pulling my hair out… I have the following formula:

{Products} is a ‘A Name’ column and the above formula produces a 0 if “Personal” is not present in the column’s field and a 1 if “Personal” is present in the column’s field.

Using the same formula on a different table:
{Products} is a ‘Lookup’ column and the above formula produces a 0 if field is blank and a #ERROR! if not blank.

The only difference between the two scenarios is the top formula is checking a ‘A Name’ column and the bottom formula is checking a ‘Lookup’ column.

What am I missing? Why am I getting an #ERROR!?

Welcome to the community, @Brendan_Picha!

A lookup field is not a string, it is actually an array.

So you will need to turn it into a string first by adding a blank string after it like this:

{Products} & ""

So your entire formula would look like this:




You are the man!

Thank you!

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