Regex to split string into comma-separated tags

My datafile has a field with multiple tags that are joined like this:


Is there a formula possible, with help of regex, to put a comma between all lowercaseUppercase instances to seperate them?


REGEX_REPLACE(Tags, "([a-z])([A-Z])", "$1,$2" )

@Kamille_Parks If you don’t mind, what you point me to a support article in which the use of variables ($1/$2 in your case for the capture groups) is described? I tried to find it just now and couldn’t… Thank you!

its not really documented, just noted that putting parentheses around a portion of a query creates a “numbered capturing group”. from there its extrapolating the relative order of each group you create preceded by a $

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Thank you! (just adding characters to reach 20 characters… ;))

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