Regional Support (Time, Date, Currency formating)


Hey guys, I really need to have my currency changed.
I need it to accept comma to decimals.

R$ 1.000,00

Any chance?


Is this really so hard to implement? Why hasn’t the development team done anything in all these years? It’s a tiny change but makes a ton of a difference in Europe. Why force this not very practical American system on everyone???


Wow, almost 3 years! I guess there’s no interest in implementing this… sad.


I would also really like to set Monday as the starting day of the week not Sunday.

This is currently not possible to achieve with DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE(Date,'Europe/Berlin'),'ww').

Would be really nice if you could implement that feature!


Please, regional support! :pleading_face:
Mainly number format!
I can’t implement to use Airtable professionally use without this feature!!!


And do you know what’s intriguing?
On iOS app, everything is right! :open_mouth:
Why can’t we have it right also on PC?


Are there any news regarding this or when it is expected to be implemented?


Bump! Please support European number formatting!


Any update on this? I would like to implement Airtable in my business, but I would need comma decimals to do this.