Regional Support (Time, Date, Currency formating)


Hey guys, I really need to have my currency changed.
I need it to accept comma to decimals.

R$ 1.000,00

Any chance?


Is this really so hard to implement? Why hasn’t the development team done anything in all these years? It’s a tiny change but makes a ton of a difference in Europe. Why force this not very practical American system on everyone???


Wow, almost 3 years! I guess there’s no interest in implementing this… sad.


I would also really like to set Monday as the starting day of the week not Sunday.

This is currently not possible to achieve with DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE(Date,'Europe/Berlin'),'ww').

Would be really nice if you could implement that feature!


Please, regional support! :pleading_face:
Mainly number format!
I can’t implement to use Airtable professionally use without this feature!!!


And do you know what’s intriguing?
On iOS app, everything is right! :open_mouth:
Why can’t we have it right also on PC?


Are there any news regarding this or when it is expected to be implemented?


Bump! Please support European number formatting!


Any update on this? I would like to implement Airtable in my business, but I would need comma decimals to do this.


Looking into Airtable right now. But indeed completely useless for us because we need the decimal comma. Don’t understand why this is not possible. Used in (very) large part of the world.


I just imported a CSV into a new base.

I’m in England, so the system that generates my reports automatically uses the DD/MM/YYYY HH:MM format for dates.

When I imported the data, everything looked fine. At the time it was a text field.

I decided to change the field type to Date. Before any of the data was converted, I made sure to choose ‘European’ in the dropdown.

The problem is that upon clicking ‘Okay’, Airtable does not associate the choice of date format with the pre-existing data in the fields.

So what happens is that any dates before the 12th of a month are reversed (for example the 9th of December becomes the 12th of September), and any dates that occur after the 12th of the month are simply wiped as they’re not recognised as a date.

This leads to a table that looks more like this:

Is it possible for the Date field to take the date format choice into account before it decides how to parse this data?


Hi Matt. A quick thought… Maybe you could format your source file date field in the American way, export to your Csv, import to airtable. Airtable should treat your field as a date and not a text so you finally can change it to European format.


Hi Emilio, good idea. I’ll try it.

Definitely think this is a bug worth fixing, though.


I have excactly the same problem when importing cvs with local date format (Switzerland).
I have already notified the Airtable team on this behavior.
Hope it will be corrected soon


This is the stupidest problem! So annoying!

Has anyone found a solution?


Anyone find an answer/response to this date format issue?