Regional Support (Time, Date, Currency formating)

Would be nice to use amazing Airtable in Ukrainian.

I’d gladly help translate the menus to Farsi. Open sourcing user-created language packs for the UI would be earth-shattering. We haven’t yet jumped-in fully due to the language barrier. I’m sure this is the case for many organizations using Airtable.

I have the same but slightly different need as I live in a bi-lingual country so we have a membership form, I can create 2 forms, one in English, the other in Welsh and can set the questions into Welsh but where there are options, such as ‘Add an option’ or where there are questions, even just ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, I need a way to have those show up in welsh but still add the results to the membership table along with the people who respond in English.Some of them are much longer multi option lists. I know this is a tricky one, even if other languages were offered. I know there are workarounds like having the options show up as ‘English word/ Welsh word’ but when there’s a long list to choose from, eg what that person’s art form is, that would be very clunky indeed. So, any ideas welcome but definitely +1 to the localisation.

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+1 for multi-language support. We need this in the province of Quebec. We must provide the ability to use French interface language. This may be a show stopper for us using Airtable going forward… unfortunately.

+1 for french! It would be a huge help for our secretary

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I’d like to contribute to the Japanese and Chinese translation.

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I’m totally available to contribute for Italian translation, my team is mixed and some of them doesn’t want to learn it due to english-only language.
Please give us an update on it!

Glad to help with a spanish translation. Free, fast and well done.

Many times Airtable gets into companies through people who pushes from within with a vision.
It is better to have an optional, not-so-perfect translation, even beta, only of text labels if you want, than nothing, as many of the people in other countries may not speak english, and by definition airtable is meant for collaboration of people across the company.


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Need Russian language in menu

We need Ukrainian Language

For project management this creates significant hurdles that will influence our business’ decision on whether to implement on any sort of large scale. Concerned that this still hasn’t been actioned in 3 and a half years.


Come on guys I can offer my free time also, just let me compile Italian language!!

OK I am gonna close my account and go back to using Google Docs. There is obviously no interest in supporting and growing the product outside the US.


Please, Please , Please support Regional Time and Currency.

The use of , and . is different between US and Europe, so its crazy to import a .csv or .xls

Easy to solve if Airtable wants !! You want Airtable ???:thinking:


Hey Airtable,

Any roadmap to get interface in French? and other regionalization stuffs?

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I am extremely suprised that this is not implemented. Seems like a no brainer to me, not being able to select a default date format leads to so much confusion. I urge any Airtable Product Manager that’s prioritizing this to simply try having European style dates on staging for a week or so.