Registration forms that populate Airtable base automatically

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Currently we use Google forms to gather registration information from clients. Is there a way of creating a registration form on Airtable, from which the answers would go automatically to our Airtable base please? I am trying to avoid copying and pasting… Although I am sure there is a better way of importing this data too.


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Yes, that is one of the many great advantages of using Airtable!

You can simply create a new form view for your table, customize the form with the fields that you would like to appear on it, and then share the form URL with your clients!

And that’s it! You can create a form in about 60 seconds! :wink:

And the submitted data will go right into your Airtable base as a brand new record.

The Airtable forms are relatively basic (but then again, so are Google Forms). But if you need to create a more advanced form, you can use any of the dozens of form-creation websites that are out there (including Google Forms), and then send that form data into Airtable using an automation tool like Zapier.

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Many thanks for the reply, amazing! I can see it now and it will solve a lot of our issues and streamline processes.

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