Regular Expressions

I’m heavily considering a return to Airtable after finding Notion’s databases overly nascent and Coda overly complex. However, I’m quite stunned to find regular expression functions, e.g. REGEXMATCH and REGEXREPLACE, absent from Airtable. Do we know if the team plans to incorporate these critical functions?

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Not with any degree of certainty. The Airtable team is notoriously tight-lipped about their development roadmap. The only things that get talked about are features that enter the beta phase. There’s been some speculation about the possibility of Airtable gaining regex capabilities, but nothing more.

The comment about Notion is polite I think. :wink:

In contrast, I’m actually impressed with the Coda platform except its capacity to handle lots of records. If you struggle with Airtable’s ceiling, you’ll surely bump your head on Coda’s. However, their API and integration capabilities are pretty good.