Related Table Update Question

Hi all - we’re testing out Airtable and really like it, but I have a question. We have two tables in our test. Once contains company data (name, address, etc.). The other contains financial data that would be updated on a monthly basis from a secondary source. We’d basically upload updated data from a CSV file on a monthly basis.

How do I update the field in the first table with updated/related records added to the second table after I upload the CSV?

This is very easy, because Airtable allows you to import data directly into “linked record” fields.

As long as you’ve created a “linked record” field in your 2nd table that links back to your 1st table, you can import your CSV file (using the “Import CSV” block) into your 2nd table.

Just make sure that the CSV field that you import into your “linked record” field exactly matches the data in the matching “primary field” (1st column) from your 1st table.

If you do that, Airtable will automatically link the 2 records together between the 2 tables.


Thanks for the reply. It was easier than I thought. Filemaker user here so like many others I was hung up on the primary key rather than the primary value. I did have a data field unique to the company (table 1) and its data (table 2) that I used to serve as the primary table value in the second table. It will never change and can be used easily as the linking record/value in the first table.

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