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I have started using Airtable recently and I find it quite useful. I am trying to create a structure as below:

Company [All the companies that I worked/work with]
==> Project [All the projects that I have worked/working]
====> Tasks [All the tasks for different projects]

To achieve the relation, I have used ‘Link to another record’ field type.

I am able to relate Company table with Project, Project table with Tasks. On the Tasks table I am able to see the Project they are associated with, but on the Tasks table, I am not able to display the Company associated with the project for which the tasks are.

Can you please guide me how I can establish this structure?

Welcome to the community, @Anand_Shah!

There is no direct way to pull in the Company information from the Company table to the Tasks table.

Instead, you will have to create a series of lookups to make this happen:

  1. In the Project table, you will need to lookup the Company information from the Company table into the Project Table.

  2. Then, in the Tasks table, you will need to lookup the Company information from the Project table into the Tasks table.

Thank you @ScottWorld for your reply.

I have tried to follow your answer but Point 2 - I am not able to follow.

As per Point 2 - In the ‘Tasks’ table, I have added a lookup for ‘Project’.
But then you said I need to

lookup ‘Company’ information from the Project table into Tasks table.

  • how can we do that?

By looking up the lookup field that you created in the Project table.

You’re basically creating a chain of lookup fields across multiple tables.

Airtable doesn’t let you lookup data from more than one table away, so you have to keep looking up information one table at a time along “the path” of where you want to go by using multiple lookup fields. Each table looks up information from the previous table.

Thank you @ScottWorld. I understood this and have created the chains of lookup fields.

Thanks again for helping out.

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