Relationships between Bases


I was wondering if the feature to create relationships between Bases is something that’s on the table being considered or if Airtable was designed to not allow this intentionally?

I’m new to Airtable and am considering using Airtable to build out a solution tailored to my company’s business processes. My worry is that as my solution becomes more complex, I’ll be stranded with a single Base having hundreds of tables and views for all the various workflows. Now if there was a way to organize all the tables and views (even within the same base) within folders, custom access privileges by folders, etc. then that’d still give me some confidence, even if the entire solution was limited to one Base.

Just looking for thoughts, insights, suggestions from the community on how I should think about this.


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Cross-base data sharing can be done, but it requires either a third-party integration tool like Zapier or Integromat, custom API code, or some combination of both. You might consider posting in the Work Offered category if you would like to get assistance with building such a system.

As for the availability of table/view folders, only the devs know for sure, and they’re pretty tight-lipped on what requested features are/aren’t in development.

On the subject of custom access privileges, you might look into Airportal. It’s still in development, but looks like a promising solution for customizing user access.

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