Relationships Between Records in the Same Table



I am trying to create a table which holds data from different types of educational programs we offer. One of the types of programs has six lessons. I would like those six lessons to always be next to each other, so I thought about sorting my records by name, but I would rather have the rest of the program records sorted by the date they are taking place. Is it possible to link the six related records together so they will be sorted together?

Thank you!


If you have the “Program” name in one field, and the “Lesson” in a different field, what you could do is “Group by” Program, and then “Sort by” date. Any Lesson that is not associated with a Program would be in a group together with no Program name, and sorted by date. Any Lesson associated with a Program would be in a group with other Lessons in that Program, and sorted by date.

Try playing around with the Group menu to see if you can get something to work for you: