Relaunch app according to date


I have a Time Log database that I have created for a small business. Users log in, choose their name from another table, and do a “time in”, which provides the current data / time. Users are allowed to change the start time (in the event that they forgot to log in), however this triggers an alert which both they and management can see. At the end of their shift, users call up the record they created and go to a “time out” field/

The default view for this has a filter to show only records created “TODAY”. This keeps the screen fairly clean - at the end of the day there are just seven or eight records.

The problem I am having is that the next day, Airtable is not aware that the date has changed, so the first user encounters all of yesterday’s records. This is easily resolved by having the user reset the app (it is on an iPad) - not the end of the world, but it would be great if there were a script or some other means by which the app would automatically reset itself shortly after midnight, so that the first user of the day finds a clean slate. The app is running on multiple iPads, which I don’t think would make a different, but I thought I should mention that.

Thank you for any advice on this topic.

Gordon Peery