Reminders for due date

I love Airtable, its user-friendly interface, and all its features. However, in my opinion, ‘Reminders’ is one of the crucial features.

There are other ways (Google calendar, Zapier, etc) to get the reminders but they are not the solutions that anyone would prefer to set up while using the Airtable.

Yes, It is a database system and not a reminder system. But as we can use this Airtable system in so many ways, there can be so many scenarios where we want ourselves to be reminded.

But unfortunately, it is not available. So I will have to use another similar database system. I really don’t want to leave Airtable but I will have to. But I am really hopeful that @Airtable_Admin1 team will introduce this feature soon and I will start using Airtable again.

What sort of reminders are you looking for?

Airtable has built-in automations that many of my clients use for their reminders on a daily basis.

Also, as you mentioned, anything that goes beyond the built-in capabilities of Airtable’s automations can be built with Integromat or Zapier, or can be scripted with a custom JavaScript.

Thank you @ScottWorld for your response. However, I am already aware of the other alternatives and mentioned earlier. The point here is why complicate the things when it can be done easily.

Have a look at the screenshot from another similar database system where they provide an option to set the reminder when we add date/time.

I am not recommending using this system by sharing the screenshot. I am just sharing this because many of the Aitrable moderators are giving excuses as a ‘database system’ for not having the simple reminder feature available in Airtable.

And I really believe this is a very easy to implement the feature for Airtable team. It is being requested by many users. It is just that they keep ignoring this feature for the last 2-3 years.

So I really hope they will introduce this feature and I will start using Airtable again from the very next day.

As I mentioned above, you can very easily build that into Airtable. Just create a date/time field called “Reminder Date & Time”. And then do whatever you want with it from there.

And you still haven’t said what you mean by “reminder”. A reminder means something different to everybody. To some people it is an email notification, to other people it is a Slack comment, to others it means something else. All of this is doable in Airtable, and people use Airtable everyday for these exact purposes.

Anyways, I have moved your thread into the #show-and-tell:product-suggestions category. If you can explain what you’re specifically looking for in more depth, I’m sure that it would help the Airtable team, since reminders can already be built into the product… so it’s unclear to me what specific features & functionality you’re looking for.

For example, I get reminded for a meeting 10 minutes ago or 30 minutes ago on the same device (phone, desktop) I am using currently. Without me checking emails, calendars, etc.
i.e. Mobile push notification, Desktop app notification, chrome browser notification depending on the platform on which I am using the Airtable!

And thank you for moving the thread into the ‘Product suggestions’ category. It makes more sense.

Oh, I see. You want mobile notifications on your phone from the mobile Airtable app. That would be cool!

Yes, right.
If I am using my phone then mobile notifications.
If I am using Desktop application (Mac/Windows) then I should get the desktop notification as well.

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