remoteFetchAsync responses return wrong character encoding (fetch does not)

When using remoteFetchAsync with my own server API the response.json() has clear character encoding issues:

Promoción desde solo 29€/día.

Calling the API in browser or Postman returns as expected.

I spent some time checking Headers in the request, the server response encoding etc… But when I used the normal fetch routing the API through the website it worked and returned the correct characters!

Is the server used in remoteFetchAsync not encoding correctly the response?

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I have same problem. Wait for a solution …

I have just landed on this function today it worked for me! are we allowed to share codes here, if so share yours we can see what’s the issue is!

Thank you for bringing this to our attention. I think I have enough details to work on a fix, but if any of you have a sample remoteFetchAsync call for reproducing the issue that would be much appreciated

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[ETA: I used remoteFetchAsync both in my code and edited the sample code as well. I also confirmed that the characters look fine if I just do my call in the browser…]

I seem to be having the same issue BUT I also tried this shared code example and it works successfully e.g. pullingÅland_Islands:

The (non-public) API I am working with has the exact same code but the accented characters are not coming through properly (“name: “Åland Islands””)

I am trying to follow up and see if there is something different I need to account for in how the API I am using delivers content…


Update: so the only work-around I have found is to move the script to an Automation where I can use fetch instead of remoteFetchAsync

Cannot figure out why didn’t doesn’t work for my API but does work for e.g. Wikipedia.

Please update if this is fixed as I would much prefer to have this as a Scripting App than a Automation. Thanks!

@Michele_Jenkins - this should be fixed now.

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