Remove Capital Letters from Form URL

The URLs that are generated for forms include capital letters. The client we are working with is a school and it sounds as though those capital letters are not playing well with their network configurations. This is strange since theoretically capitalization shouldn’t make a difference. However, when I remove capitals from URL the link no longer works, Is there anyway you can create URLs without capitals for those forms?

thanks in advance

Hi @Ben_Sanoff - doesn’t seem like there’s any way to do this. Looking at the form URL format, I think the sequence of letters and numbers at the end will actually be a unique ID in the Airtable database (not your base, but the Airtable app as a whole). SQL databases tend to have numeric, sequential records IDs; document databases (such as MongoDB, Google Firebase) tend to have this format of ID - a sequence of 0-9, a-z, A-Z characters. Obviously, these IDs will be unique in the underlying database and this DB will understand


as being different to:


Not much you can do about this at the Airtable end, I suspect.


This situation has been resolved thanks for the response @JonathanBowen