Remove contacts data requirement for mobile app

Hi there,

AirTable does not require access to my contacts data when I sign in with Google. The desktop version of the site gives me an option to not provide access, but I just cannot login to the app on my iPhone / iPad as it REQUIRES I give access to my contacts.

I love AirTable, but this leaves a bad taste in my mouth. At a time when the debate around Privacy is of utmost importance, things like these make me vary about what AirTable’s true intentions are, and makes me question whether I really want to invest my time locking myself into a company with such values.

I’d rather suffer in Valhalla with Google Sheets than give away my data where it’s not required.

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Just a heads-up, this is primarily a user support forum. While Airtable staffers are here, this isn’t where they prefer to respond to issues like this. I suggest sharing your thoughts with Airtable support directly if you haven’t already done so.

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