Remove non-numeric inventory from one table as it's assigned to another

Hello all, I’m new to the community and have been finding so many valuable resources here - thank you!

I did some research on this question but wasn’t able to quite find the solution.

Here is the basic layout of the two tables in question:

RIGS table // Shows all our available inventory
Rig 01
Rig 02
Rig 03

EVENTS table // Shows event details including which pieces of Inventory are assigned to which Event
Event 1 - Rig 01
Event 2 - Rig 02, Rig 03

Objective: As Inventory is assigned in the EVENTS table, I want to remove the assigned Inventory from the RIGS table dynamically. I can make this happen per field, however it doesn’t translate to all records globally.

Thank you so much for your help in advance!


Do you want inventory deleted from your records, or marked as “unavailable”? Deleting the record from your inventory table will render your current setup moot.

Hi Kamille,

I would like to just change that status, not delete the record.

Thank you!

Well in that case you can do this with a formula field, filtered views, or both.

You could have a Status field with a formula like this IF({name of your record link field}, "Unavailable","Available")

For filtered views, you could set the filter based on that formula field, or by “if {name of your record link field} is empty”

Thank you so much Kamille! I ended up doing just that with filtered views.


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