Removing/deleting records from a new CSV import


Hi there,

When uploading a new version of a CSV, I have worked out how to add and update existing records.

What I can’t work out how to do is to remove records from the existing table if they have been deleted from a new import.

CSV version 1 has 20 records.
CSV version 2 has 18 records - how do I automatically remove these 2 old records from my new updated table after import?


Hi @Henry_Taylor,
It seems that this is not a feature that is available yet. I believe it is a safeguard to prevent unwanted data deletion.
If this is something that you think would be useful, maybe create a new request into the ‘Product Suggestions’ and see if other people share this interest.


Thanks @Loic_Sanchez. That makes sense, although in some instances where the raw dataset needs to be updated from time to time it would be handy. I’ll raise as a suggestion!