Removing or Renaming Custom Blocks

I just recently released the first custom block for our base, and I would like to start by saying THANK YOU! It is very exciting to be able to create custom integrations so easily.

After releasing a test block to demo the process I realized I can’t find a way to either rename or remove blocks that are either unused, or replaced by another Block’s functionality. Is there a way to remove custom blocks at this time, or is this an artifact of the Beta status of the platform?

Hi @Brady_Menegay - exciting to hear that you’ve released your first custom block.

Are you trying to delete it from the blocks dashboard? You can click the carat next to your custom block name that provides rename and delete options.

Sorry for not clarifying. I am talking about the release for other users. I would like to either rename the testing block or ideally, remove it entirely.

Got it. If you delete all installations of the block in the base (as per the screenshot above), this test block should disappear in this gallery view. If you’d like to rename your block, you can simply re-release under a new name. Hope that solves it!

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