Removing "Other" free form survey responses from multi-select field


I have a Jotform survey automatically going into Airtable. Some of the questions have “Check all that apply” with an “Other” response that prompts a free form answer. These free form responses are being added as multi-select option in Airtable (rightfully so). I’m trying to do an Airtable Interface on the survey responses but, obviously, those free form responses are being considered.

In a column, I want the options and replacing the free form response with “Other”. Then in a separate column track the free form response (just so that data isn’t lost). Any ideas?

This is essentially what I’m trying to do:

The “Name” and “Q1 Answers” field is the only thing imported with survey responses.

I would probably tackle this on the JotForm side.

Instead of using JotForm’s “Other” functionality, I would type in the actual word “Other” for that question.

Then, create a completely separate field in JotForm that asks people to type in their other answer there. That could even be a conditional field that only shows up if “Other” is selected.

Then you’ll have all the information separated properly before it even gets to Airtable.

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I can propose it, but I have a strong feeling it’d be pushed against since we’ve already gone through coordinator approvals and translations.

Any suggestions on how I might be able to do what I need in Airtable? Honestly, thanks so much for the help!!

I don’t know of a way to do it natively in Airtable, but maybe others do! My guess is that it would involve scripting and accessing the metadata API.

Thanks for your help! Actually got everyone onboard to just use a separate Other field, so all worked out lol

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