Removing spaces in a line of text

I need help in writing a formula to remove spaces from a URL.
This specific line of text is already pieced together using a formula:

CONCATENATE(“Potential Partner ApplicationStage 2”,{Auto #},"&organization=",{Organization},"&website=",{Website},"&name=",{Name},"&email=",{Email})

which outputs →

Potential Partner ApplicationStage 2 Bottle (75)&website= Boslow &email=

However there are spaces within this that need to be removed in order to properly use the link.

Can I get someone to help with this?

If you’re trying to create a URL, you should probably be using the ENCODE_URL_COMPONENT function, which does the URL encoding for you.

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Sorry that didnt work, it created a confusing URL that didn’t do anything in google.

If you just want to substitute spaces with nothing, then you would just use the SUBSTITUTE function like this:

SUBSTITUTE({String of Text}," ","")


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