Rename pictures based on record fields automatically?

I’m not sure if I’ve placed this question into the proper category, so kindly advise if this isn’t the right place to ask.

I’m a new Airtable user, and absolutely loving it so far. I’m currently using Airtable to document my (too large) collection of yoyos. For each record, I’ve attached a single picture of the yoyo in question, for visual ID purposes in my display shelves (might add other pictures later on).

When I add pictures to Airtable, they are automatically named with the date/time they were added. That makes sense. But I’d like to automatically rename each picture using some of the fields of the record they are in – e.g. model_colorway_maker.jpg.

Is there some way to do this? I’m currently on the Free account option.

Thanks much!

Not that I know of. However, Airtable just released a brand new JavaScript scripting block this month, so maybe there is a way to rename attachments with custom JavaScript programming code. I don’t know the JavaScript language, but I know that some people in this community do. Of course, I’m not sure if Airtable’s JavaScript support goes as deep as handling the renaming of attachments — it may only go as deep as editing normal fields.

Also, I would talk to the guys at about this. They’ve created lots of very cool extensions for Airtable — one of which exports bulk attachments & renames the exported attachments based on field data.

I would ask them if it’s possible for them to create an extension that does the renaming within Airtable (i.e. no export necessary). Alternatively, an extension that renames attachments as they are being imported into a record.

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