Rent equipment by lot or by unit

Hi there,

I need to organize rental of equipment by lot and by unit. The use of the lots are to make it faster sometimes to rent a batch of equipment that is often rented together. The difficulty is that the units in the lots can also be rented by unit (the units can be divided).

I’m having trouble wrapping my head around this. I have tried to 2 solutions, none being really satisfactory.

To start with, I have a table for the Equipment and one for the Rentals.

Trial #1
In the Equipment table, I created a “Lot” field and filled it for each item of equipment.
The problem with this configuration is that I can’t find a way to select the lot from the Rentals table and that I have to add every unit of the lot one by one.

Trial #2
I created a table for the Lots and linked it to the Equipment table with multiple entries.
Then I added a field Lot in the Rental table. The problem in that configuration is that I didn’t find a solution to make sure we would know in the Equipment table what units are then rented.

I hope this is clearly explained, it’s always hard to take a step back when you’re elbow deep in the project.

Do not hesitate to ask precisions if needed.
I would love to hear from you guys!

Hi @Claudia_Leduc - does this work for you?:

I have an “items” table and a “lots” table:

Lots and items are linked. I’ve also got a “rentals” table where you can choose an item to rent OR a lot to rent:

With some lookups, rollups and formulas on the Items and Lots tables, I can show when an item has been overbooked at the item level (same item twice), at the item + lot level or the same lot twice.

You can also see if an item or lot is currently rented (“not available”) or not.

Hope this helps


Wow, thanks a lot Jonathan. Will definitely look into this!

Ho this is great, I helps me a lot!
Thanks so much JB!